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LLC NPK-Ecoblesk

NPK-Ecoblesk is young innovative company specializing in the competencies associated with the development and production of environmentally friendly technology detergent production purposes, effective on technological and economic parameters.

The company implements its own development. Investor spoke Seed Fund of the Russian Venture Company. Its industrial partner for the implementation of new technologies cleaning and degreasing in manufacturing plants is OKTB JSC "Crystal" (Yoshkar-Ola), more than 20 years of successfully operating in Russia and the markets of CIS and foreign countries on the equipment for ultrasonic cleaning. Her second industrial partner, where debugged model of interaction with consumers, is holding Kovrov electromechanical plant "Precision complexes" State Corporation "Rostec." Project of "natural, non-allergenic," green "detergents" "Ekoblesk" for industrial and domestic use "has won the first open competition of innovative projects of civil organizations DIC Russian State Corporation" Rostec "in the nomination" Best innovative business (the company). " Well-established on the example KEMZ model of interaction with the partners includes the analysis and solution of problems of industrial enterprises related to the degreasing and cleaning the surface of products and materials from the grinding and dovodcheskih pastes and preservative coating applied to the temporary interdepartmental preservation of metal products, cleaning of oil filters. Solved problems include poor quality or the complexity of degreasing and cleaning, damage to the treated surface, the complexity and high cost of the relevant manufacturing operations, harm the health of personnel working with process fluids, hazardous to the environment and the harm caused, explosive and flammable liquids applied, recycling Waste and waste processing solutions. To solve these problems, apply the ultrasonic cleaning operation, barbatirovaniya, tumbling, blasting and hand washing. Addressing includes the following methods, development of new technological liquids under the new consumer demands, reconstruction or modernization used at the plant processing equipment, improved technology cleaning, degreasing and interdepartmental conservation organization a stable supply of effective technological liquids. If there is the need of the consumer process fluid is carried out to develop and supply equipment for routine quality control of process fluids.

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Country: Republic of Mary Al
City: Yoshkar-Ola
Address: 424000, Russia, Yoshkar-Ola, st. Volkov, 50
Phone: + ()
Fax: + ()
E-mail: npk@ecoblesk.com
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